What Follows in the Woods (Part II)

Her breath billowed out around her in a fog, swirling across her cheeks before falling away behind her. She crashed through the trees, branches snagging at her sweater and undergrowth clawing into the flesh of her bare legs, but she kept pushing herself, each step reverberating through her feet and up into her spine, rattling … Continue reading What Follows in the Woods (Part II)

What Follows in the Woods

A second thud of skull against rock and the body went still. The forest seemed to inhale, all bird twittering gone silent, the wind stagnant. The girls inched closer to one another, Annie with the rock gripped in her hands still, jagged edge dampened with blood.             “He’s not moving,” Meg whispered. Blood leaked from … Continue reading What Follows in the Woods

Discussion with Samantha Cohoe: Author of “A Golden Fury”

I was given the opportunity to be a part of the blog tour for Samantha Cohoe’s debut novel, “A Golden Fury”, meaning I was able to read the advanced reader’s copy and ask Samantha a few questions about the book! Set in the in the 1800s in England, “A Golden Fury” follows Thea, a young … Continue reading Discussion with Samantha Cohoe: Author of “A Golden Fury”


To preface this story, I based it off of the writing prompt shown in the photo below from @writing.prompt.s on Instagram. It was quick and fun to write, and I'm hoping it will get me back into writing short stories and posting them on here. ~ ~ “I’m serious, I’m an immortal. And Jeff? That … Continue reading Jeff