Four Witches and a Human

Based on the writing prompt above ~ “Cute little human, isn’t it?” a voice cooed somewhere to my left. I blinked open my eyes to soft morning light filtering through my window, but they didn’t stay open long. Sleep flickered at the edges of my vision, the voice, I assumed, nothing more than the leftover … Continue reading Four Witches and a Human

The Side of the Highway

He pulled the car off to the side of the highway, and she glanced over at him, a frown pursing her lips down. Outside, the wind tore through the fields of wheat around them, rippling it like an ocean tide, and the clouds grew darker, pushing the daylight away. “Why are you stopping?” she asked. … Continue reading The Side of the Highway

Discussion with Samantha Cohoe: Author of “A Golden Fury”

I was given the opportunity to be a part of the blog tour for Samantha Cohoe’s debut novel, “A Golden Fury”, meaning I was able to read the advanced reader’s copy and ask Samantha a few questions about the book! Set in the in the 1800s in England, “A Golden Fury” follows Thea, a young … Continue reading Discussion with Samantha Cohoe: Author of “A Golden Fury”


To preface this story, I based it off of the writing prompt shown in the photo below from @writing.prompt.s on Instagram. It was quick and fun to write, and I'm hoping it will get me back into writing short stories and posting them on here. ~ ~ “I’m serious, I’m an immortal. And Jeff? That … Continue reading Jeff